Best 'Green Smoothie Blender' Suggestions

A blender is a blender, right? Wrong. There are as many different blenders out there as there are things to put in them. The choices can be overwhelming, and there are some things to watch out for that you might not consider as a first-time buyer.

That’s why we’ve gone to longtime smoothie makers to find out what problems they’ve encountered, to ensure that you avoid those pitfalls on your journey to the perfect smoothie. Here are a few of the top tips that should help you on your way:

  • Try to stick with metal blades and internal parts, avoiding plastic, especially if you’re going to be using your blender frequently.
  • Anything under 500 watts probably won’t be effective.
  • Choose a blender with at least two different speed settings, plus a pulse function, because it’s best to start on low to chop, then work your way up through the speeds to get the finest consistency with the least amount of nutrient-killing heat.
  • Look for products with warranties, and buy your blender from stores that stand behind their products. It’s frustrating to invest good money in a blender just to have it break two weeks later, only to find out that the company or store won’t stand behind the product.

Blenders range in price from about $20 to well over $500, but there’s really no need to go to the top for a machine that meets your needs. That being said, a $20 blender probably won’t do the job, at least not for very long. If you’re serious about making smoothies, it’s best to invest in a good blender that will last, rather than buying several cheap blenders over time that continue to break — and have no warranty.

Best Green  Smoothie Blender Suggestions

A few excellent choices broken down by price include:

$300+ Range Blender

  • Vitamix 5200 (Read Review Here) : 1000 watts, powerful 2 HP motor, 64-ounce carafe, 7-year warranty, BPA-free carafe, variable speed dial as well as the ability to pulse, plus a patented tamper so you can quickly blend even thick ingredients.
  • Blendtec Home Pro Choice Total Blender (Read Review Here) : 1500 watts, 3 HP motor, 64-ounce carafe, lifetime warranty on blade and coupling, 3-year warranty on base, 29K RPM, 6 blending options plus pulse. Features Smart Touch Technology© that automatically speeds up and slows down as necessary and shuts off at the end of the cycle.

$200–$300 Range Blender

• Breville 800BLXL Hemisphere (Read Review Here) : 1000 watts, 67-ounce polycarbonate carafe, uniquely shaped carafe, blades that allow for zero dead space around the edge of the carafe, 1-year limited warranty, 2 speeds plus pulse.
• Cuisinart CBT 100 PowerEdge (Read Review Here) : 1000 watts, 1.3 HP motor, BPA-free carafe, 3-year limited warranty, high and low settings plus preprogrammed smoothie, pulse, and icecrush settings that intermittently speed up and slow down for best results.

$100–$200 Range Blender

• KitchenAid KSB560MC Blender (Read Review Here) : 720 watts, 0.9 HP motor, 56-ounce polycarbonate carafe, 1-year replacement warranty, 5 speeds plus pulse.

Under $100 Blender

• Oster Beehive (Read Review Here) : 600 watts, 40-ounce glass carafe, 1-year warranty, 2 speeds plus pulse.

More expensive isn’t always better, but in the case of these blenders, you really don’t want to go with anything under $50. Most likely you’ll just be wasting your money on a product that’s not going to work well and will only break within a few months. Spend the extra money and do it right!